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Your First Earned Dollars

content ideas Oct 04, 2021

Storytime! What was the first thing you invested in when you started your business?

  • A coach?
  • Equipment?
  • Inventory?
  • Business License?

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Here is my example:

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Do you remember your first sale? I do. I was sweating through my shirt hoping the client wouldn’t notice. Trying to stay calm and not let on that it was my first time charging for services. I actually made two sales in 1 day at two different Starbucks locations. I was on a roll!

Where did I spend the money? I opened a bank account and stashed what I could in savings while strategically networking at local, free or low-cost events that would help me gain confidence and momentum to keep earning. . The memory of my first sales propels me to stay focused on my goals and serve others the way I want to be served. After I had enough stashed away my husband drove me to Best Buy and I purchased a MacBook Pro. Since then I have continued to re-invest into my business and also contribute to our household income.

So tell me, where were your first earned dollars spent?

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