3 Tips to Spice Up Your Elevator Pitch ✨

Let’s talk about the most important 30-second speech you make on a regular basis – your elevator pitch!

This is an important tool to have in your back pocket, ready to go at any time. But after a while, you may feel as though it needs a little sprucing up to make it more captivating to your audience.

Here are three tips to up the ante on your elevator pitch and guarantee that you demand the attention of the room.


  1. Prior to starting the meeting, in private, place your hands on your hips for 2 minutes. By holding this superman/superwoman power pose, you will give yourself a confidence boost right before you need it most! If you’re interested in learning more about it, you can look up Ann Cuddy’s TED talk.
  2. Another tip for capturing the attention of your audience is to raise your energy and raise your excitements two levels above the room. Meaning if the energy of the room is at a six, you need to be at an eight! Speak louder, smile bigger and when you raise your energy and embody it, people will notice. They will look up and listen to what you’re saying, ensuring you have their full attention!
  3. Lastly, be sure to tie in your social media in some way. The words “Facebook” and “Instagram” naturally get people’s attention right away. Therefore if you’re able to throw in a plug to have them follow you on Instagram or Facebook or even say “Let’s take a selfie!” And turn around to take a picture of yourself with the group, it will get the attention of your audience. Finding a way to tie in your online presence in a subtle way will entice others to look you up after your speech is over.


Bonus Tip! Switch up your speech regularly to keep it fresh and exciting. One easy change you can make is to try asking questions to the audience to engage them!