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Marketing In The Digital Age ✨

digital age digital marketing embrace social media marketing marketing solutions Jul 10, 2021

It is widely thought that the digital age that marketers exist in today has changed every aspect of marketing. Today, marketers have more access to consumer behavior than ever before, considering most people in developed countries are using the internet daily, and some constantly. Digital marketing has changed marketing in that marketers must consider different ways of advertising, data storytelling, engaging with consumers, and so on and so forth. However, in a lot of ways, marketing has not changed. In the book Drucker on Management, Peter Drucker (1971) describes the aim of marketing as knowing and understanding the customer enough that the product or service you’re selling actually sells itself. The goals of marketing have stayed the same, but the process has definitely changed.

 Where marketing strategy has stayed the same is the idea of being customer centered, digital marketing or not. Tools such as Instagram Stories advertising aligns with the digital market because it addresses the consumer’s needs. Posting consistently on social media is becoming increasingly important to maintain engagement. Consumers need engaging material, that is quick and easy to interact with. If the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer in order to sell to them, then marketers need to know what the consumers want—engagement, ease, and speed. In a world with too much information, the complex needs to become simple. Here at Omni Social, we aim to provide simple social solutions. 


Implications of marketing in the digital age must be considered. Things are no longer done in a necessarily top down way; Bottom up marketing and structures are becoming increasingly important. According to this article, marketers must note that “marketing is no longer about what businesses want to tell their customers, it is about businesses listening to their customers and responding in a way that offers a meaningful solution to them.” There is too much information being put out there for much of anything to be meaningful, to inspire customers. The solution is creating less, but more meaningful, messages. There’s no longer a one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing. Marketers can no longer target mass audiences successfully, especially on digital platforms such as social media. However, marketers now have access to so much more data and therefore can tailor their advertisements to specific segmented groups.

There are a lot of positive implications that have arrived in the past few years in the Marketing world. Existing in a digital world has provided a culture that is empowered and data-driven, passionate, innovative, and collaborative. This increases the amount of ways businesses can reach their audience.

Traditional Marketing Learns From Digital Marketing

In a recent commute on public transportation I saw an advertisement on the wall. It was a judgmental dog, looking at me, judging. Underneath the dog is a moisturizing product and some words that tell the reader to basically stop using your girlfriend’s moisturizer and get your own. It’s a great example of how digital marketing can really tailor its ads to meet the needs of specific customers. In this case, they are targeting men with girlfriends who use their products (so all men with girlfriends, basically). Traditional marketing has and will do well to adapt approaches that are relevant, richer in data, and more in touch with today’s customer journey. Omni Social can help you every step of the way. 

All in all, it’s not really about digital marketing. Marketing is marketing. The fundamentals of being customer-centered remain the same. There are just additions and more complexities added to the marketing process. Marketers have been and always will be story-tellers, but now we just have a ton of data to make our stories and content more relevant to those we are telling them to.

If you would like to learn how your audience is digesting your message, Contact Omni Social Media to create a plan for your digital marketing strategy today! 

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