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How to Develop Content for Your Target Market ✨

analytics content develop content embrace social media target market Aug 18, 2021

You can push out as much content as you want on as many social media sites as you possibly can, but if it is not relevant to your target market, it is practically worthless to both your brand and your customers. Therefore, the question is how do you develop the right content for the right people?

The first step in creating good content is finding out who your target market is. What type of person do you want to purchase your products or services? I like to use Xtensio, which, among other things, offers a template for making a profile or “user persona” for the typical customer you want to attract. This likely includes age, marital status, gender, personality, and so on. You can even create more than one, that way you can tailor your content and marketing to more than one type of person.

You probably know who you want to sell to, but you might not know who your current audience is. You could figure that out by using analytics tools, often built into website management software like Wix or Google Sites. Typically, you can find out at least the geography of those who visit your site, but sometimes you are also rewarded with their gender and age or age range. You might be surprised what kind of people are engaging with your content, and might want to tailor some things to their needs and wants as well.

When considering the these tips, you must also remember to stay true to your brand’s message and values, and to consistently create content to align with this. In doing this, you will build trust and loyalty among your customers. One of the most important things about content, beyond targeting, is creating consistent and meaningful messages to communicate your brand to customers. 

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