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content ideas ig stories instagram instagram tips what to post Jul 10, 2021

As a millennial and a business owner, I look at other business owners’ Instagram Stories first before I look at their feed. Stories may seem like a small part of social media but believe me when I say it makes a huge difference in getting people to be loyal to you and your brand. For example, I’ve watched other business owners for years and as soon as I’m in need of the services they offer, I know exactly who I’m going to use because of the relationship I’ve built with them through social media.

A fun and different way to create consistent content for your IG stories is to go into your archives! You can share posts you did years ago and add commentary about them to engage your audience.

First, are you archiving? Here’s how to check…

  • Click on your stories (you must have a current story available to click on)
  • Click on “More” at the bottom
  • Go to Story Settings
  • Scroll down to see if you have “Save to Archive” switched on.

Now that you know you are archiving, here’s how you access your archive…

  • Navigate to your profile page
  • Click on the “hamburger” in the top right – the three lines
  • Click on Archive
  • This will show you what you’ve posted in the past on this exact day

If you see something you would like to reshare with your followers, you can share it to your current story. You never know what may interest your followers and encourage engagement. For example, a picture of a dog may evoke comments such as “I have a dog just like yours!” or “Your dog is so cute! What’s his breed?”

Here are some ways to make your stories more fun…

  • Include the date that you originally posted the archived story.
  • Make the photo larger or smaller than it originally was
  • Draw on the photo or include a GIF

A great way to aesthetically enhance your stories is to make your drawings and text a color from your picture. This sounds like a simple change but being able to color coordinate your content will be incredibly pleasing to your followers.

Here’s how to make this impactful change…

  • When you are viewing your photo, select one of the marker options
  • Customize the size of your “marker” to whatever looks the best on your story
  • Click on the dropper and move around your photo to grab the color you want your drawing to be
  • You can also add text to include information about what is happening in the photo and similarly, you can match the color to a color from your photo

Another excellent way to utilize the Instagram Archive, is to pull stories from it and build your highlights out.

  • View an archived story
  • Click on “Add Highlight” at the bottom
  • Add to an existing highlight or create a new one. You can go through your old stories and categorize them to match your highlights.

Pulling content from your archive is a simple way to create content for today. Even if it is repeated content it is better than no content. The more engagement you have with your stories, the more likely you are put at the front of someone’s story feed and that puts you at the top of their mind and closer to influencer status! 

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