Become a Confident Decision Maker! ✨

Mondays are for doers and for people who are looking for success!

As you know, I’ve been reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and recently struck by something he wrote. Napoleon states that people who are successful are quick at making decisions. This means if your business is missing something, find the solution and make a swift decision to implement a new system within your business. It does not need to be perfect as you have the ability to make small changes but the most important part is that you make the big decision to make the change quickly.

Napoleon encourages his readers to stand firm and keep their own counsel, relying on themselves to make their own decisions. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in wondering and worrying what others will think of your choice – be confident in your beliefs and move forward.

Another part of his book I found particularly interesting is the concept of talking less and listening more. According to Napoleon, smart and successful people who make a lot of money don’t talk a lot.

I believe this to be such a true statement! Consider me influenced to spend more time listening to those around me with an open mind and seeing what I can learn!